Get in shape for cold weather with John Holland

With cold weather forecast and undoubtedly more on the way, it’s important to prepare both yourself and your vehicle to deal with it. However, it needn’t be stressful, as Simon Miller, from our aftersales and MOT department, explains.

“Winter puts much more strain on a vehicle, so it is important that everything is in good order before the cold weather arrives.

We offer a standard winter health check, which would include checking tyres, brakes, engine antifreeze, screenwash, battery, and every crucial component of the car.

We also include checking the air conditioning. Many drivers still think that a fully-functioning AC system is only needed in the summer, but it’s just as important in the winter.

The air conditioning system effectively ‘dries’ the air as it passes through it, making demisting the windows and windscreen much more efficient. We can also service and re-gas air conditioning systems.

Winter or cold weather tyres, which should most certainly be a consideration. These are something we can both supply and fit – give us a call.

As for other general tips for cold weather, it almost goes without saying that checking the weather forecast before every journey is crucial… That way you will be prepared for snow or icy driving.

Making sure there is enough fuel in the car is essential, to ensure you don’t get stuck in bad weather or traffic, and always make sure you keep extra warm and waterproof clothes in the car.

"If you follow those simple steps, you should be fine during the cold snaps we normally endure at this time of year – but for anything further, don’t hesitate in giving us a call at John Holland on 0114 256 5040 or email"

At John Holland, we offer a winter health check where we will check over a customer’s car. These are from as little as £30 – get in touch with us if you feel your car needs a check-up.